Content writer and journalist on tech, health, the environment, and place

Complete story development, writing, and editing for media and content marketing.

Enlighten your audience with high-quality and engaging feature articles, website copy, case studies,

publications, and corporate blogs.




Industries: Tech, medicine, environment, tourism


Specialties: Defining a story's scope, establishing and meeting consistent publishing schedules, writing to persuade for mission-driven organizations, and explaining complex subjects in engaging ways.


On-demand content packages, retainer agreements, or fee-for-service consulting.







From my office near San Francisco, I develop articles, emails, website copy, case studies, and corporate blogs for media or businesses that work with me on a fee-per-hour consulting basis or purchase my on-demand customizable content solutions. I specialize in writing about tech and medicine, the environment and place.


My background includes reporting for major media and serving in editorial leadership roles for companies in various industries. In the same way that I worked alongside  thought leaders within those organizations, I collaborate with your team to define and shape stories that highlight your expertise. Together we deliver valuable, trustworthy information about your business and industry to your readers.


I believe that every project deserves to be approached with a commitment to the standards for accuracy, quality, and ethics that editors at traditional publishers bring to their jobs. I particularly like helping clients who are finding it hard to commit to a publishing schedule or to put the unique value they offer customers in the right words.


You can learn more about the way I work by registering for a free 20-minute

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Corporate Blogs • Editorial Calendars • Case Studies • Articles • Editorial  Management •

Landing Pages • Audience Engagement • Identifying Subject Matter Experts • Thought Leadership




 There are two ways to work with me. Find out which brings you closer to giving your readers content that is both inspirational and that adds value.

Why Work With Me?

Your customers see 20,000 brand messages a day. To stand out, brands have abandoned promotional marketing for an editorial approach, and studies show B2B and B2C audiences want valuable information from branded content. Rarely, however, is marketing content as informative as articles produced by editors at traditional publishers. That's simply because marketers don't have the sole job of providing readers useful and credible information within one editorial framework. Editors work day in and day out to create an experience for readers based on giving them information they will feel they can trust. Working as an editor for brand magazines taught me to create content set apart by its planning, accuracy, quality of narrative, and credibility. My commitment to these values helps you deliver valuable content that is meaningful to your customers' lives.






I have developed on-demand content solutions designed to deliver your audiences the useful, inspirational content they want. These packages simplify the content creation process. Each solution is handcrafted by myself or a writer or editor whom I hire to oversee the process. The perfect choice for small businesses or nonprofits.

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ABOUT ME   I am a content marketing writer, editor, and journalist focused on telling stories about tech and medicine, the environment and place.

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